Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ayala Foundation-USA is now Mano Amiga's partner

For those living in the US who are interested in supporting Mano Amiga Academy, you can now donate to us via the Ayala Foundation USA website. :)

To donate via credit card just visit:
Kindly indicate that you're donating to us by choosing Mano Amiga Academy, inc. in the drop down selection of organizations.

For cash and checks, just visit:
Please don't forget to fill out the donation form which you could download here:

AF-USA Welcomes Two New Partners!
2/22/2009 Ayala Foundation USA
Ayala Foundation USA welcomes two new partners in nation- building. Congratulations to Mano Amiga Academy, Inc. and Filamer Christian College, Inc.

Mano Amiga (Helping Hand) schools are international schools from pre-school to Grade 12 that cater to children from poor communities. Having grown into a network of 30 schools in 8 Latin American countries, Mano Amiga directly makes an impact on the lves of more than 17,000 students and their families.
Mano Amiga Academy in Taguig City is the first Mano Amiga school in the Philippines. It opened its doors last September 2008 to poor families. Currently, their greatest challenge is to find scholarships for poor students. Funds that will come through Ayala Foundation USA will be used to support the educational needs of the children by providing them with school materials and enabling them to attend formation programs and enrichment activities.

Congratulations to our new partners in nation-building!

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