Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bistro 3846: A Mano Amiga Social Enterprise

Mano Amiga Academy recently announced the official opening of Bistro 3846, a food and catering business that will help sustain the operating cost of Mano Amiga Academy.

The focus of Bistro 3846 is to provide school children with age-appropriate and nutritious lunch meals. The comprehensive nutrition program will help inculcate healthy eating habits that would provide nourishment, facilitate proper development, and promote environmental awareness and concern.
100% of the profits earned by Bistro 3846 would be donated to the Mano Amiga Academy scholarship fund.

Everest Academy has graciously agreed to host the initial site of Bistro 3846 and will be the school's cafeteria concessionaire for School year August 2010- May 2011. General Manager and Head Chef Amelia de los Reyes Alba, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu London, developed a menu featuring children's favorite meals that are prepared in a healthy way. The bistro also established a school herb garden that will help augment the cafeteria's herb requirements and help educate the Everest school children about the different herbs, their taste and nutrition content.

To learn more about the project, please visit:

Mano Amiga's partners had a chance to sample Chef Amelia's specialties during the Bistro 3846- sponsored reception of the recently held Mano Amiga thanksgiving mass.

The Bistro 3846 team (from L-R): Chelsea Otero-Lopez, Anna Aquino-Dee, Mano Amiga Development Director Lynn Pinugu and Chef Amelia de los Reyes Alba

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