Monday, August 30, 2010

Mano Amiga celebrates Buwan ng Wika month

August was an exciting month for Mano Amiga Academy as the school celebrated Buwan ng Wika for the first time. The Mano Amiga staff worked with the parents and volunteers in coming up with different activities that help build awareness and instill love for Philippine culture.

Throughout the month of August, culture appreciation was integrated into Mano Amiga's classroom activities by introducing the students to different local customs and traditions, as well as important events in Philippine history.

Mano Amiga included the whole community in the festivities by organizing a Youth Sports Tournament featuring traditional Filipino games.
The Buwan ng Wika month culminated with a program featuring performances from the students and parents of the different types of folk dance. After the show, the community feasted on different local delicacies donated by the Mano Amiga faculty and some of the families.

"Buwan ng Wika is an important school event because it serves as a good opportunity for us to nurture the children's love and appreciation for our culture, specially the Filipino language," Principal Rev Tria-Siasoyco said. "Developing a strong sense of country among our students is something we try to integrate in our activities all throughout the year to help them become productive citizens who are proud of their rich culture and heritage."

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