Monday, November 8, 2010

British Alumni Association holds Medical and Dental Missions in Mano Amiga

Early childhood caries, tooth decay and other dental problems were identified as the main problem in the community. To help address this problem, Mano Amiga Academy Development Director Eleanor Pinugu asked the British Alumni Association to hold Dental Missions in the school for the students, their parents, and other families in the community.

BAA organized a one-day Medical and Dental Missions in Mano Amiga as the culminating activity of the RP-UK Friendship week. BAA Executive Director Elcid Pangilinan and his team worked with Mano Amiga Principal Revelyn- Tria Siasoyco in getting volunteers and promoting the activity to the community.

20 doctors and 3 dentists spent the whole morning attending to the medical and dental needs of the families. Over 300 children and adults benefitted from this initiative.

The volunteer doctors and dentists used games to help put the nervous children at ease.

The families were provided with free medicine and multi-vitamins. The volunteers also gave lectures on proper health and oral care.

Adequate health and dental care is vital for the children's growth and learning, as well as for the families' general welfare and productivity. Mano Amiga Academy thanks the British Alumni Association and everyone who volunteered their time and shared their resources for helping us serve the needs of the community.

*Pictures c/o Aileen Siroy Photography

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