Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A volunteer shares his experience of the DLSU University Tour

The article found below is a firsthand account of one of the volunteers for the activity:

During the AM session, the kids attentively listened to the remarks given by BMS officers and actively enjoyed the mini games we have prepared for them. After that, we guided the children to Yuchengco grounds and had our scrumptious lunch to keep us energized for the next part of activities. It was fun just watching the kids enjoy their meal and have small talks with them about their dreams and life ambition. Some wanted to be an astronaut, doctor, teacher, scientist and many more, which are fascinating, and heartwarming indeed.

“…It was a tiring yet fulfilling experience especially knowing that the children had a great time leaning about the University with us even just for a day. Though we only have limited time to bond with them, it was certainly the best experience because each one of us is aware that we worked hard for this event to be possible and that it turned out to be a success. We will surely miss the kids of Mano Amiga Academy. Until next time!”

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