Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Rock n' Recycle

As early as October, the school was bustling with Christmas spirit as the students worked like elves, preparing their own Christmas corners and rock band presentations.

The Mano Amiga team and students pose eagerly in front of the Gingerbread house made from recycled paper, candy wrappers and cardboard. 
In line with the holiday season, Mano Amiga announced a school-wide contest for Christmas-themed corners and rock band presentations that made use of recyclable materials. This challenged the students to use their creativity, imagination and resourcefulness in creating decorations and instruments. All the students gamely participated, eager to show their masterpieces at the school's annual Christmas party.

With a little help and supervision from their parents, the students collected various recyclable materials - bottle caps, used juice pouches, cardboard boxes, old CDs, scratch papers, newspapers, clam shells, tree branches and more - and pieced them all together to create wonderful works of art.
Plastic bottles were unrecognizable and given new life when used for a Christmas tree. Old tree branches and egg shells were uniquely transformed into winter lanterns. Old cardboard boxes were used as reindeer and Santa Claus figurines.
These works of art adorned the Mano Amiga classrooms and hallways throughout the Christmas season.

Grade 6 Rock n' Recycle Band

Recyclable works of art were also used as musical instruments during the Christmas Rock n' Recycle concert. The Mano Amiga community was treated to a musical feast from the different grade levels as each presented their own rock band. Rock stars emerged with drum sets made out of water containers, recycled glass xylophones and tambourines made out of ice cream tubs. Each showcased their creativity and talent in singing.

Grade 3 Rock n' Recycle Band

To end another fulfilled year, the whole Mano Amiga community came together in merriment. In celebration of all the winners and the year that was, the community gathered in the annual Mano Amiga Christmas Party. Smiles and sounds of laughter were evident throughout the community as we celebrated the Christmas together.

Mano Amiga Christmas Party winners with their Unilever gift packs

From the whole Mano Amiga Academy community, a Merry Christmas to all!

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