Thursday, February 4, 2016

At Mano Amiga, “We Heart Art!”

They say you know what genuine love is really like if you know how to love like a child. We at Mano Amiga believe that #EveryChildCan and that children are also the ones who can express love in the best and most creative ways.

Last January 30, 2016, Saturday, Mano Amiga's 5th grade students enjoyed a Valentine-themed art workshop wherein they got to make Valentine’s Day cards for their friends and loved ones. Helping them out were the volunteers who generously shared their time and creativity to the Mano Amiga kids. Some of them included, Filipino print medium artist, Lenore Lim. 

The afternoon was filled with bliss as the kids and the volunteers spent their time cutting paper hearts and sticking them onto their handmade cards. Written on the cards were their heartfelt notes to their loved ones and friends. Aside from this, the kids also got to enjoy learning how to do paper mosaic.

One of the 5th graders, Carlos, made a card especially for his friends who were also part of the same art workshop. Immediately after making the card, he asked, "Can I give it to them already?" And he approached them with much excitement and joy.

(L-R) Gr. 5 students Carlos, Benz and Arzel posing with their
Valentine's card from Carlos

This is the sort of love you know is genuine and unconditional. One that longs to be expressed. One that does not expect anything in return.
It is this same kind of love, we believe, that has propelled our volunteers to take time and be with the kids that day, albeit for just a short while.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was when the kids were given the chance to draw their dream school and dream playground. It was inspiring to see these little ones dream extraordinary dreams for their future school. These dreams continue to inspire Mano Amiga to work harder so that when it’s finally time to transfer in the new Mano Amiga campus, these dreams will beautifully come to life.


We love having volunteers join the kids during various activities in Mano Amiga. Join us in our upcoming volunteer Activity - TEACHERS' DAY OFF!

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