Monday, June 24, 2013

A Banana Monday

School Director, Revelyn Tria-Siasoyco shares her interesting Monday morning encounter with one of our scholars.

Ramila is a 6 year-old grade one student. Her Class Adviser was absent so I took over her Science class. While preparing for snack time, Ramila gave me a banana and said “Teacher Rev, Sa iyo na po itong saging.”(Please take this banana.)

I replied, “Bakit? mas kailangan mong kumain ng prutas”( But why, you need  more fruits than I do) then she whispered “Kasi gusto ko po kayo maging mama (Because I want you to be my Mama) Surprised with what she said, I asked her Why? She replied “Kasi wala po si mama (because my mom is not around!) So I took the banana and told her I am also her mother while she is in school.  

They say bananas are a great “mood food” as they make your brain produce more chemicals to promote good mental health.  Ramila’s banana did not only help in promoting good mental health, but it instantly nourished my soul by releasing the happy hormones I needed to start the week!

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