Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mano Amiga Thanksgiving

Since its founding, thanksgiving has been a tradition in Mano Amiga to show our heartfelt gratitude to all our friends and partners for their continued faith in the project and for working with us to see more children’s lives change for the better.

MPIC CEO & President Jose Ma. K. Lim and CFO David J. Nicol

MPIC CFO David J. Nicol and CEO & President Jose Ma. K. Lim with Mano Amiga President Carmelino Alvendia Jr. 

The night started with a mass led by Father Michael Shannon, LC followed by a program held in Bistro 3846 where the Mano Amiga parents gladly prepared a sumptuous meal for everyone that night.

Everest mom Annette Gozon-Abrogar and daughter

Handyman partners Diane Lopez and Yayo Umali

Mommy Amiga Mrs. Wilma Huang, Chef Amelia Alba and husband Sonny Alba, and Mrs. Abiog

Four of our students who are also scholars of Dance Basics stole the spotlight as they danced their hearts out through an African prayer of thanksgiving.

There’s no better way of thanking our partners and friends than hearing it from the scholars and parents themselves.

Rhian Belle Ynona Balwit, the kinder class valedictorian warmly thanked all the partners especially the Everest community whose donations have provided her a scholarship and helped advance her development by investing in her potential.

Parent Letty Diocos, who has been with Mano Amiga since its founding broke into tears as she shared how her life changed with Mano Amiga. Being a mother of 5, she barely knew how to send her kids to school when providing a meal on their table is an everyday struggle. She reflected on her childhood experience having to walk a few kilometers on barefoot and an empty stomach just to get to school.

In recognition to the continuous support, our friends have been giving us, Bistro 3846 gladly prepared a sumptuous meal for everyone and a token of appreciation for the partners especially made and crafted by our Bistro moms.

Mano Amiga parents and scholars
One of our scholars Joshua Pitogo left everyone with a smile when he ended the night by thanking everyone’s effort and generosity to send him and his fellow scholars to school and for the brighter future they are now looking forward to.

To all our partners who were there, our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support in the project

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