Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mano Amiga Academy Around the World 2014

One of Mano Amiga’s biggest annual volunteer -led activities is the observance of the United Nations Day. For five straight years now, companies, individuals and organizations travel with our scholars AROUND THE WORLD! 

Around the World aims to engage volunteers in a day of fun, engaging and hands-on learning experience that will spark the students’ curiosity  and appreciation of different cultures while contextualizing the learning they acquire in the four walls of the classroom. 

Special thanks to PHINMA Hero Network,  Mission Youth missionaries, volunteers from Team Abueva of Ayala Land premier, FEU Tamarraw volunteers and Regnum Christi Youth Ministry for making this year's Around The World a success!

See you next year, volunteers!


First things first. Scholars receiving Visa before entering the countries. This year the scholars crossed not only countries but also various continents. They visited Brazil, India and Egypt in the morning and South Africa, Australia and the Netherlands in the afternoon.  

First Stop, Brazil! Ola!

What a warm welcome! Scholars 
receiving a unique welcome (face tattoo)  from Brazil!

Sight seeing and photo souvenirs! 

Scholars having a great time getting to know India. Thanks Ates and Kuyas  from PHINMA Hero Network for being our gurus for the day!

                           Fun times in Netherlands with the Regnum Christi Youth Ministry 

Aside from teaching the traditional Dutch dances, the students made windmills and toured around the most famous Dutch Attractions. 

Egyptian Volunteers in action

Volunteers brought the scholars to a fun and memorable safari experience in South Africa! 

Mission Youth Volunteers and FEU TAMVOL showed the luscious attraction in Land Down Under!

Koalas were present too!

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