Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Family that Eats Healthy Meals Together, Stays Forever

Last August 1, Mano Amiga held the much awaited Culminating Activity for this year’s Nutrition Month.  United in fighting hunger and malnutrition, students and their parents wore their professional chef attire and exhibited a variety of budget-friendly nutritious snacks in the first ever Mano Chef Cook-off Competition.

The entire day was filled with various activities. Even with limited resources, the parents and faculty worked together as a team and was able to pull off the entire event successfully. “We can enjoy “busog-lusog” snacks at a reasonable price! I’m very excited teacher!” one of the students acclaimed. “Kuya Arnold (Mano Amiga’s school guard) lets us borrow his electric stove so we can still proceed in case we run out of gas” said Mommy Beth, Grade 5 parent.

All participating mommies and daddies were working on their respective dishes while the kids narrated the procedures and nutritional content of their parent’s recipes enjoyably. It was nothing but fun and excitement as everyone was learning during every minute of the event.
While waiting for the parents to put the final touches on their dishes, nutrition trivia was  presented by Teacher Dayleen Manalo. These helped develop the students’ awareness of the importance of eating a diet that follows balance, variety, and moderation.  She also challenged the students with several questions about nutrition along with the benefits of healthy eating and how it affects our mental and physical growth. Selected fourth and fifth graders also entertained us with their lovely intermission number.

They sang the Nutrition Jingle that they composed during their Home Economics Class.  Kids from both the morning and afternoon batch were absolutely engrossed with the activities. The parents were excited to present the healthy dishes they whipped up for all of us to feast. With limited ingredients and cooking utensils, they were able to produce mouth-watering and delectable snacks.

The educational event ended with the panel of judges’ announcement of winners. The Mano Chef 2014 title was awarded to Daddy Ronald Macavinta and Gabriel Macey Macavinta of Grade 3 for their exceptional recipe: Vegetable Burritos. Certificates and cookbooks were also given as tokens of appreciation to those who participated in this contest. “Thank you to everyone who supported the contest by sharing your scrumptious budget-friendly healthy recipes. I was amazed and delighted to witness our dear parents’ invariable exhibition of creativity and active participation in school activities like this,” said Teacher Sheryll Maquiran, event chairperson.

When asked on her greatest learning from the activities, Grade 5 mom Rich Valencia shared, “Parents like me will be more responsible of our children’s health by applying the creative ways to prepare budget-friendly nutritious foods that we’ve learned in our homes. 

 “The day was made momentous not only because of the showcase of the pairs’ cooking techniques and their delicious products but most especially for the inspiration it brought to the students and their parents that eating healthy food does not always have to be expensive. You just have to be creative!” School Principal Rev Siasoyco shared.

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