Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mano Amiga Students are the Newest Junior Environmental Scouts in the Metro!

The MPIC team spent a morning with our students last June 5 by teaching our students the importance of protecting our bodies of water. Shore it Up is MPIC’s CSR Program which promotes the restoration of the ocean’s resources and awareness of the importance of biological diversity.

Volunteers from MPIC partnered with our students to make artworks on how they perceive what a clean and healthy environment in the city looks like. 

Also under the Shore it Up initiative is the Junior Environmental Scouts Program- teaching the youth about the importance of caring for our bodies of water, particularly how to rescue, restore and revive them. This program involves the youth as ambassadors of change in their respective communities. The morning’s activities culminated with the awarding of the group with the best presentation and the induction of the Mano Amiga students into the Junior Environmental Scouts Program, one of the few to be inducted in Metro Manila.


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