Monday, July 20, 2015

Raising a generation who cares for the environment: one kaliKLASRUM at a time

            Sea and Advocate (SEA) Camp is one of the current projects spearheaded by the Save Philippine Seas, a movement to protect the country’s rich but threatened marine and coastal resources through the IEC activities and community-based projects. Last year, as culmination for a whole year of SEAcamping, the organization in coordination with the US Embassy, chose a number of citizen-driven environmental projects to be implemented. One of these is KaliKLASRUM.

            KaliKLASRUM is a water conservation module developed by Luzon Seacampers Jude Cuntapay and MM Maglasang which aims to educate Filipino children on how to care for the environment at a young age. The exciting news is that KaliKLASRUM has chosen the Grade 6 students of Mano Amiga Academy to be the members of its pilot class.


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