Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mano Amiga Teachers' Day Off

The partners and donors of Mano Amiga Academy recently had a rare opportunity to step into the teachers’ shoes for a day. In an event aptly entitled Teachers’ Day Off, several CEOs, businessmen, and even a thespian and a congresswoman, volunteered as guest teachers in Mano Amiga and taught different subjects like English, Science, and Catholic formation.

“We came up with this activity as a creative way to thank our teachers for the wonderful work they are doing in the school, and at the same time, to show our partners how far Mano Amiga has come in a year”, Development Director Lynn Pinugu shared. “It was fulfilling to see our partners connect with our students in the classroom and to hear them thank the Mano Amiga teachers afterwards for their hard work and dedication.”

Volunteers for the two-day event include Noel and Lally Trinidad, Acie Romero-Salas with her daughter Paloma, Lorenzo Ocampo (Petnet, inc.), Amanda Lim, Anay Zalamea, Yssa Fernandez and Xavier Javier (Western Union), Dee Chan, Eileen Navarro and Jeffrey Santos (Handyman), Zarah Perez (Starbucks), Cong. Lani Cayetano, and Mano Amiga President Amb. Jose Macario Laurel IV.