Monday, April 20, 2015

PGH Outreach: Bringing Hope and Joy

Last March 21, the grade five students of Mano Amiga together with their teachers, visited the pediatric ward of the Philippine General Hospital. They got to exchange stories, perform a song and dance number as well as give gifts to the patients and their family. They also gave out handmade rosaries and a prayer for the fast recovery of the young patients. Despite the pain that they are experiencing, the patients of the pediatric ward were all smiles as they welcome their visitors with open arms.  

 “One of the most celebrated moments in human life is having a healthy offspring. To watch them grow, well-nourished and loved. To be there for them while they learn about what is life as they age year after year. Also one of the most devastating and soul-crushing part of it, is to see the opposite of it all…

We recently visited the Philippine General Hospital Pediatric ward where I had the opportunity to see and reflect on the children and guardians’ situation facing each day to surpass the misery of having to wait every minute for a result and hoping to bring their sons and daughters home healthy and well.  

There is nothing more devastating than for mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, legal guardians to watch their little ones stuck in a hospital bed. A life that’s full of promise, to go to school, to play, to graduate and to be someone someday is unlikely to happen to some kids that has crucial cases. Guardians sleep patiently on Monoblock chairs to gain strength and enough rest for the next day’s duty. Some of them sleep under the bed, and endure all the discomfort of rest rooms just to be there by their children’s side. A painful image of tiny little arms of premature angels plunged with hard needles, unaware of what might happen. Their innocence is the only thing that’s keeping them from the frightening sound of incubator machine. This, well in fact struck me deep as I was also once confined in the same apparatus. The struggle of a mother waiting for a miracle echoed in my mind when my very own story narrated subconsciously. It was not easy.

We have a lot to be thankful for; as God has chosen people to withstand the trials to test the mightiest and bravest of hearts, and purity of the spirit. These children remarkably laugh about the aches and tears, and as I have seen, they are the example of emotional and mental strength. Learning from their experiences is the blessed message from God; to be humble and to be genuinely giving while we are still walking and living here on Earth. The PGH children`s ward has taught me a great deal of how to understand why my life leads me to where I am right now. As an educator of young minds and to my fellow teachers as well, I am proud to say I was given such honorable responsibility. 

Let us all hope and pray for these children same as other children we know to have a fruitful life, to have a chance to go outside and embrace great challenges they deserve.
I am thankful for that precious moment, as God never fails to give us beautiful signs of hope and encouragement to move on. I also hope that people who have lived enough may be able to provide assistance to these little warriors. Let’s love them enough how our heart can give and take, God will provide the rest.”  – Teacher Sheryl

Visiting PGH was a blessing. I realized that I am very lucky. I can go to school, play with my friends, and do enjoyable things that other kids can’t. I saw how the children suffered through their sickness. I say their mother crying because they find it difficult to see their children suffering. I will continue to pray for them. I wish I could visit the children again so I could help make them happy again.” – Tricia Laurynne Parallag

 “We offered them prayers, we also danced, sang, and told stories to them. I saw that the children were very happy even when they are sick. I pray that God will heal them so their parents will be happy.” – Sydney ToreƱa