Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mano Amiga Academy holds first Quiz Bee

Thirty students joined the recently held 2011 Mano Amiga Quiz Bee. The Quiz Bee tested the students' knowledge on different topics from five subjects namely, Science, Math, Catholic Formation, Language Arts and Reading.
"The Quiz Bee participants and the parents spent a great deal preparing for this event and their efforts were rewarded by the students' enthusiastic participation in the competition and their evident mastery of the topic," Mano Amiga Principal Revelyn Tria-Siasoyco said.
Three students from Prep and Grade 1 emerged as Quiz bee winners. Each student received a plaque of recognition from the school.
Grade 1:1st Place: Zycareine Benigay, 2nd Place: Ariane Camingue, 3rd Place: Daisy May Nieva
Prep:1st Place: Arzel Sumalindog, 2nd Place: Nicole Cruz, 3rd Place: Sheryl Gerarcas
"We will certainly hold similar activities in the future because it is a fun and effective way of reinforcing what the children have learned in class," Ms. Tria-Siasyoco added.

Monday, January 10, 2011

In His Shoes

Jamir Pangilinan, 5
Prep student

Jamir is a playful and inquisitive young boy. But because his mother had no job, she didn’t know how she would be able to provide him with an education.

Thanks to Mano Amiga Academy, who took on the five-year- old as one of its scholars, his life has changed. It is something Jamir is fully aware of even at a very tender age. “In the school, they teach me to become smart — especially in reading,” he explains. “They also teach me how to be good and to do the right thing.” Today the mischievous boy who used to get into fights and pester his mother tries his best to help his family and peers. Since the foundation has also found a job for his mother, they have money to eat daily meals.

Jamir loves that his family is now happy and that he enjoys so many fascinating experiences. He is most inspired when he learns new things on field trips and on Saturdays when the foundation’s volunteers hold activities and help out at the community center.

His dream “I want to become a policeman because they are kind and they help other people.”

His favorite shoes “My rubber shoes. I play football in them, and wear them during our field trips. Once we went to Enchanted Kingdom and to the zoo. I’ve been to so many places in my shoes!”

This is an excerpt from the Smile Magazine December feature, entitled "In Their Shoes". For the full article, please visit: