Monday, August 10, 2015

Oplan Linis sa Mano Amiga

It is always a true sight to see that the parents of our students are involved not just with their children’s upbringing and development but with the school as well. Last school year our parents were very responsible and active with our sweat-equity program – rendering more than the required 2 hours of service and actively volunteering to chaperon during enrichment activities. And even if another school year has come and gone, their active spirit has remained evident. A testament of this would be the turn-out of parents who came and prepared the school for the opening of another school year. 

Mano Amiga Academy also participated in the nation-wide Oplan Linis or Brigada Eskwela campaign. The last week of July was focused on preparing the school for another school year that would begin in August. Each day of the week the teachers and parents of each level worked hand-in-hand to clean the classrooms and facilities of the school. Not one spot was left unattende d as they swept, mopped and attended to every nook and cranny of the rooms. Apart from cleaning they also took care of preparing the facilities and other learning materials that the kids would be using for the year. They made sure every arm chair and table were in good condition, ready to be used by the students. They made sure also that the various school supplies were well restocked and organized. They were even careful to add new curtains to our classroom’s windows and cover slips for our computers that served as an additional flair to the room on top of its useful function. A week’s cleaning may have been quite a tough job but their labor of love would surely leave a lasting impression on their children.