Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Steps to Success: Mano Amiga students go on a DLSU Campus tour

Last November 23, hardworking officers and members of Business Management Society (BMS) of De La Salle University- Manila put together a memorable event that opened the eyes of the Mano Amiga Academy scholars to a world of opportunities and brighter future.

For an early Christmas celebration, committed and enthusiastic BMS members hosted a university tour for 4th grade scholars.

“This is an important and meaningful activity for the scholars. BMS did not only teach the students to dream big and aspire for the best College education opportunities, the experience also motivated the Mano Amiga students and their families to continue working hard in order to reach this goal,” Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher She Maquiran said.

BMS, a leading professional organization in DLSU-Manila, collaborated with Mano Amiga in fulfilling its mission of fostering passionate student leaders, maximizing student potentials and providing developmental opportunities for La Sallian business students.

“The aim of the immersion activity is to provide our members an avenue where they could gain exposure and insight into the lives of children from underprivileged communities.” Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Socio-Civic, Ms. Patricia Verona shared. “We hope the experience helped in fostering a culture of generosity through the gift-giving activity and by sharing our time and talents. We hope that even through a small way, we made a difference in the lives of these children by inspiring them to aim high. For our members, we hope the event encouraged them to be of service to others, and to inculcate in them the readiness to help. We look forward to having more  regular activities with them.”

To learn more about BMS, visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bms.dlsu?fref=ts

Relief Initiative of Mano Amiga Scholars for Children Victim of Typhoon Yolanda

 ‘God will renew your strength” Isiah 40:31

Days after Typhoon Yolanda struck the country, Mano Amiga Academy community organized a relief effort to help the victims of the super typhoon. Despite of their limited resources, scholars and their parents of Mano Amiga Academy extended their sympathy by donating their hard-earned money, their relief items such as used clothes, books and food packs and endless prayers for their kababayans. 

The spirit of compassion, love, and camaraderie brought everyone together. Everyone worked hand in hand and together prayed that their simple help would send love and peace to the victims.

As simple prayer was prepared by the principal and teachers. Together with the scholars, they pray:

We pray for the victims of tropical storm Yolanda. May those who have lost homes and properties find shelter, enough food and clean water.
Comfort those who are traumatized and those who are grieving for the loss of their families, neighbors and friends. Bless those who are sick and those who are injured that their health may be restored and their wounds cured.

May you lead all who are stranded or lost back to those who love them. Guide the hands of the rescuers, the doctors and nurses and other volunteers and give them strength as they serve others with joy.

May this calamity bring people closer together, to help each other and to care for the environment. Give us the faith, hope and love to carry on. This we ask through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.