Monday, April 8, 2013

Children helping children: No help is too small

November last year, Mommy Amigas launched the iCan Change for Change campaign- a fundraising campaign that encouraged the Everest community to save their loose change in order to help provide scholarships for the students in Mano Amiga Academy.

As a result of the generosity of the Everest students, they were able to raise enough funds to provide a full-year scholarship for Rhian Belle Ynona Balwit, a kindergarten student in Mano Amiga Academy.

It is truly heartwarming to see how Everest kids are openhandedly helping other kids to have a better future and a quality education like they do.

Rhian together with her mom, personally thanked the Mommy Amigas and the Everest students for sending her to school for another year.

During the Assembly, the Everest students didn’t know who Rhian was until she spoke to express her heartfelt gratitude for their generosity in providng her a full-year scholarship. The students were more than surprised, they could not believe how far their loose change have gone. They were inspired how great a small act of kindness can set the foundation for someone’s brighter future.

In many ways both big and small, children helping other children make the world a better place.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kindergarten moving up day

It was a lovely day in Mano Amiga as the kindergarten wore their graduation robes and caps. Each of them came with their sweet smiles as they all shared their achievements with their parents.

The year has passed by with meaningful learnings. Most of the kids started the school year not knowing how to read or write a single word but they have developed in such a way that they now read to their parents, to themselves and to their playmates.

The day started with a prayer led by Father Michael Shannon, LC to
thank the goodness of the Lord for all his blessings and to continue to
guide these little ones to grow and become compassionate individuals.

The kids eagerly listened to President Jun Alvendia as he opened the program with the message of humility from the Pope. They were all reminded that in everything they do, they should not forget to thank the Lord in prayer, never forget the poor and that what matters in life are our family and our faith.

The students were all so excited as they were called one by one to receive their diplomas along with their proud parents.

They all sang their graduation song, I believe I can fly as though they were a bunch of little angels serenading the crowd.

The program was closed by Mano Amiga's Institutional Development Manager, Grace Cadenilla by reminding them not to stop dreaming, to keep nurturing their imagination and not forget to look back and help ease the strife of those in need.

It was not only a day to recognize the success of the children but also the great effort of our teachers and our principal for going above and beyond in teaching our students. There students are the proof of their hard work.

Kindergarten is over and the next years will be just as special.