Monday, June 15, 2015

Experiencing a better way to learn - Mano Amiga meets The Ultimate Learning Accelerator

                No, it’s not a robot. Not a monster. Not a superhero too! The Ultimate Learning Accelerator (TULA) is actually a group of people who “vaulted in” to help students unlock their full potential and learn academics while having fun. Collectively, TULA is an innovative after-school learning center designed to help students in being the best learners they can be. 

                During the current year, TULA came to Mano Amiga to hold a pilot class of their various programs on Math, English, and other academics. The Mano Amiga kids enjoyed learning about creativity, writing, and other skills that are valuable as they pursue to be professionals in their own fields. TULA is more than just academics – they also instill to the students the value of discipline, determination, optimism, confidence, and curiosity – things that blend really well with Mano Amiga’s goal to instill values formation in the children’s hearts.

                “I learned about being creative and working fast”, says Neil Ramos, one of the Grade Four students who participated in the TULA activities. Another student is Shaine Ursos who recalls learning how to write fast and be respectful.

                Building and developing 21st century skills may not be as simple as it seems, but with programs such as TULA collaborating with schools, kids not only learn effective academic techniques, but also learn to be interactive and mindful of their fellow learners as they discover new things about the world around them. With this method, learning isn’t just plain academics, but about creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for learners. As TULA comes to Mano Amiga to spread this idea, our Mano Amiga kids did not just learn a lot, they also felt happy about learning new things.

                “What I enjoyed [the most] is being creative and playing with my classmates; it makes me happy”, says Cristalyn Regilme, one of the TULA class participants. Happiness, enjoyment, and learning may not always be used in one sentence, but for the Mano Amiga kids to have such a wonderful experience is worth being inspired with.

                Come to think of it, TULA may just be a superhero after all. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mano Amiga Students are the Newest Junior Environmental Scouts in the Metro!

The MPIC team spent a morning with our students last June 5 by teaching our students the importance of protecting our bodies of water. Shore it Up is MPIC’s CSR Program which promotes the restoration of the ocean’s resources and awareness of the importance of biological diversity.

Volunteers from MPIC partnered with our students to make artworks on how they perceive what a clean and healthy environment in the city looks like. 

Also under the Shore it Up initiative is the Junior Environmental Scouts Program- teaching the youth about the importance of caring for our bodies of water, particularly how to rescue, restore and revive them. This program involves the youth as ambassadors of change in their respective communities. The morning’s activities culminated with the awarding of the group with the best presentation and the induction of the Mano Amiga students into the Junior Environmental Scouts Program, one of the few to be inducted in Metro Manila.